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7 Most Easy Work from Home Jobs for Women in India

Published on 4th April 2017

Although it is the world of internet and today a work-from-home job usually mean content writing or social media marketing. However, in this blog we are going to unearth some really simple work-at-home jobs with little to no investment, ideal for home makers.

Making pickles & supplying

There’s not a single home in India that doesn’t have a secret age-old recipe for pickle. Open the secret box of Pandora and start preparing pickles at home. Fill the pickles in jars or containers. Contact shops in your neighbourhood to supply the jars. In the beginning you can distribute free samples of your product in small pouches. If people like your sample, they will purchase. There is a great possibility that your business may flourish quite rapidly. It is advisable to concentrate on not more than one or two flavours at the initial stage. This will also reduce your start-up investment.

Pickle preparation
Every Indian house has its unique pickle recipe

Tailoring and sewing training

If sewing is your hobby, why not make it a successful business! You may start by taking an objective view of your skills. If you wish to polish certain areas such as cushion designs, western wear or embroidery, taking up a small course only add to your benefit. Once you are finished, you will be provided with a diploma certificate that will boost your confidence to glide with sewing business smoothly. There are very few things you need, like a sewing machine of course, set of colourful threads and bang! You can also keep professional tailors to sew stuff and you can just handle the accounts and marketing. This will save your time and effort. Sewing training can also be started sometime later, when you master the art of sewing.

Sewing is fun and creative

Home tutoring

Setting up a home tutoring center is a good way to earn without leaving the comfort of your home. Determining the right fees and marketing your business is the key to success. If it is possible, do a bit of survey in your locality to find out the most in-demand subjects and classes. For example, if you are planning to take on English, you should also consider teaching graduate level students. The higher the classes, the more fees you can charge.

Day care service

If you love to care, opening one can be a profitable business choice. Day care centres are in high demand at present. Start small by running a child day care centre from home. Stuff the place with toys, art and craft items, books and entertaining supplies. However, consider getting training on child care, first aid and CPR to resume childcare with responsibility. Understand that to legally run a day care you are required to have a license which is to be renewed from time to time as per the policy of the state.

Online Relationship counsellor

If you are a relationship guru and good at advising people on relationship matters, you can start web-based counselling on email and Skype. Clients are unlikely to travel far to find relationship counsellors. By venturing online therapy, you can get access to people all over India and even overseas. If you do not hold a license for the same, it is suggested to research other online relationship counselling websites and take a note of what they are offering and what their terms and policies are. Meet a legal representative who can help you put the right disclaimer on your site that is legal as well as sellable.

Lunchbox service

Although there are big daddys in the market like Mumbai dabbawalas, Foodees and Spicebox; still you have enough scope in this arena. Who doesn’t like ghar-ka-khana? And with the increasing working class in our society, the demand for lunchbox services is blooming like never before. Approach working couples in your neighbourhood first because they are the ones who would need this kind of service desperately. You can also distribute leaflets in companies, drop emails to promote your service. Decide authentic cuisines and do not forget to give that Ghar-ka-khana touch. Points to keep in minds are – Hygiene, taste, presentation, timely delivery and work on customer feedback.

Ladies under garments selling

Call it our uprooted tradition, but women find it comfortable to purchase lingerie and inner garments from a lady shopkeeper. The reason could be many, for example - we find it easier to make a lady understand what exactly are we searching or we can hover on all the new arrivals without feeling uneasy. Hence, the profession is ideal for a woman who works to start a garment selling business from home.  But, you should take a list of few things that is necessary - a business license, tax identification number, liability insurance, customer service offerings and franchise fees.

Choose one from the list with low initial investment and be your own boss!